A well-known Dutch singer named Dré Hazes, wanted to have a tattoo design that matched the tattoos he had. It had to be timeless, black and white and absolutely no portrait of his father.

On a Tuesday afternoon, a friend told me that there is a call for creation of “Created on Friday” that would perfectly suit me. It was called “Design a tattoo for Dre Hazes”. After seeing the video, I was quite excited and I started drawing and sketching immediately. I worked till deep in the night to submit my design as fast as possible and collect votes.

The day after I had sent my pitch, it appeared that Dré had mentioned on Twitter that my design was his favorite!

I really did not see that coming. And after that it began to became clear to me that I maybe could win this contest. After a few sleepless nights, I ended up in the top five (of the 50 entries) and I was called by Dré Hazes himself: “I’m so stoked about your tattoo design, I want to put it on my body! He said.

I was so surprised and really happy that he chose my design.

Check out the video below to see how Dré goes through the top five designs and then calls me to announce that I have won the design contest.